Martha on the Issues

Education & Teacher Pay

Martha has served on the Hampton School Board since 2008, where she’s earned her reputation as a passionate and effective advocate for our kids, schools, and families. She believes guaranteeing the right to a quality education for every child in Virginia is a moral imperative.

Mugler KidsMartha will fight to fully fund our public schools no matter the zip code, lead the way to create workforce development programs to better prepare students for college and good-paying jobs, and boost teacher wages to keep Virginia competitive with our neighboring states. As a legislator in Richmond, Mugler will pursue public school infrastructure support to ensure our public schools provide a safe and healthy environment four our school children.

This summer, Martha stood on the same stage with First Lady Pam Northam as Governor Northam signed an Executive Directive to expand access to early education for all at-risk children in need of quality Pre-Kindergarten.  Governor Northam’s Executive Directive is a monumental step towards ensuring all children receive a quality education. As delegate, Martha will continue to work until universal pre-K is a reality in Virginia.

Health Care, Pre-existing Conditions, and Choice

Martha to Doctor with Patient HC 2Martha believes everyone should be able to afford a doctor when they’re sick. That’s why she supported expanding Medicaid coverage to 400,000 uninsured Virginians. She will stand up against efforts by insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and who want to charge older Virginians more for health insurance.

Martha believes politicians shouldn’t come between a woman and her doctor. That’s why Martha will stand up for women’s health care needs, their right to privacy, their right to make their own healthcare decisions, and she will work to protect women’s access to affordable birth control.

Infrastructure & Transportation 

The number one infrastructure need in the 91st District is transportation. 

Martha will address this critical need by ensuring the current project funding is protected. The Hampton Roads tunnel project and I-64 widening projects are critical projects for the 91st District. Martha will pursue the completion of the I-64 widening project to continue all the way to Richmond. This will provide a stronger transportation structure to support the Port of Virginia and tourism industries that are so important to this region and beyond. 


As Delegate, Martha pledges to find solutions to the complex issue of man-made climate change. She will pursue legislation that will support efforts to address climate change and support regulations on carbon pollution, supporting a shift from reliance on fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources like wind and solar which can ultimately become a true job creation opportunity for the Commonwealth.

The communities of the 91st include Hampton, Poquoson, and York County -- all of which are identified as particularly vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding.  Virginia needs to pass legislation to fund participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) which presents the opportunity to cut carbon emissions from power plants and link the state with the nine-state carbon cap and trade program. The legislation would enable Virginia to auction the allowances and invest the revenues into programs that benefit the public –specifically coastal resilience.

Common-Sense Gun Safety Measures

Ten years ago, it was Virginia Tech; now, it’s Virginia Beach. Martha supports constitutional commonsense legislation aimed at preventing gun violence.  She believes in keeping guns off school grounds; universal background checks, and reinstating the law allowing only one handgun purchase per month. She will work to ban modifications to guns like silencers and extended clips, and will support red flag legislation to make sure domestic abusers and those who shouldn’t have guns are kept from having them.  Mugler believes gun violence is both a public safety and public health crisis.