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2019 DLCC WebNEWSFLASH: Martha named a "Spotlight Candidate" by Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC)

WASHINGTON — Not wasting any time after Virginia’s primary, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is announcing its next round of 18 Spotlight endorsements to flip the General Assembly blue. 

“With the primaries behind us, Virginia Democrats are ready to hit the ground running,” said Jessica Post, executive director of the DLCC. “Day one support from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee will help provide each of these incredible candidates with the money, data and organizational tools they need to compete and win.” Democrats begin the general election with momentum and clear advantages:


Thank you to everyone who came out to support our Democratic Primary Campaign! I am grateful.

As we come together as a Party today, we're ready to move Virginia forward and turn the House of Delegates BLUE!!

I must thank the many volunteers who helped to get our message out and support the campaign. I am blessed beyond measure with great friends, family, and supporters.

As we take this campaign to the November 5th Election -- I will work to communicate our platform to support the ideals and issues citizens of the 91st District and Virginian's find most important.


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